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Complainer post #1

me talking

“I hate writing, I hate it I hate it… why do I keep doing this…?”

I can’t even tell you how often I sit and stare at my screen while thinking this. Writing is so painful, and I really struggle to pull even a couple hundred words out of myself when I sit at night, or in the morning, or any other time. I stare and stare, and there is NOTHING in my head. I have nothing. My thoughts are paralyzed. The whole, I can see so clearly, the nitty-gritty scene by scene, sentence by sentence… not so much. I know where I need to go, I see the shining end, but I can’t make these metaphorical feet take even one step.

Writing is my own personal hell.

Many times now I’ve seen or heard people talking about how you shouldn’t “compare your blooper reel to everyone else’s highlights.” Well, here in my “bloop reel” tag, you can watch me struggle. I will be posting “Complainer post”s when I hate writing prose. I’ll make posts about my failures, lost days, and my many, many struggles. Every once in a while I’ll finally get to post about something that came out passing fair. If you ever wonder about other people’s backstage mess vs. their public image, come and compare all the posts in this tag vs. anything tagged “finished” and see what it’s really like, at least for this one human.