Build a Webpage – HTML/CSS Basics

Get started learning HTML and CSS, and build your own webpage with nothing but Notepad! We will cover the anatomy of a .html document, using CSS in-line vs stylesheets, and a number of important tags.

Learning goals:
  • 20+ most important HMTL5 tags
  • CSS in-line & stylesheet
  • Different software options for building webpages
  • Saving & opening files as .html

Supplies provided by instructor:
  • PowerPoint slide
  • Handouts

Supplies event host must provide:
  • Projector & screen


  • Computer lab so that participants may follow along and try out what they’re learning

Number and duration of sessions:

1 session, 1 hour long (2 hours long if optional computer lab available)

Please note: participants younger than 12 are welcome to attend if they are accompanied by a relative or friend 12 or older.

Min. Age for
Max. # of
12 30 $299.00